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Kitty Crimes Performs Holiday Hip-Hop At CPR’s OpenAir

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Rachel Ramberg)</p>
<p>Kitty Crimes</p>

Kitty Crimes has been a visible force in the Colorado music scene for years. MC and guitarist Maria Kohler crafts energetic hip-hop that incorporates pop, rock and experimental music. Kitty Crimes' dazzling live shows are a big reason why Kohler won the "Best Hip-Hop (Solo)" award at this year's Westword Music Awards.

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Kitty Crimes stopped by the CPR Performance Studio earlier this month. Kohler and producer/trumpeter Andrew Pike played four songs, including a holiday-themed "XXXMas Medley." Kohler also spoke with Bruce Mitchell about her busy year in music, her experience with "sound healing" therapy and her forthcoming mixtape out in early 2018.

Stream the session and watch Kitty Crimes perform "XXXMas Medley" above. Watch more videos on our YouTube page.

Songs performed:

  • "Cold Water"
  • "Bite Out Of Myself"
  • "Two Tens"
  • "XXXMas Medley"