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Kyle Emerson Returns To Denver With Solo EP ‘Worth It’

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Kyle Emerson</p>

Singer and guitarist Kyle Emerson may be familiar to fans of Colorado's music scene as a member of the psych-rock band Plum. That group relocated to Los Angeles last year but Emerson is back in Denver to release music under his own name. His debut EP, "Worth It," is out next week and he celebrates with a release show May 11 at Hi-Dive.

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Emerson and his band stopped by the CPR Performance Studio to play four songs from the new EP. He also spoke with Jeremy Petersen about assembling a new band for his solo work, recording live to tape and how his solo work differs from the music of Plum.

Stream the session and watch Kyle Emerson perform "Wise Blood" above. See more videos from the session at our YouTube page.

Interview highlights:

Emerson on working with Colorado-based producers on "Worth It":

"It was recorded to tape live with no click tracks, anything like that, at Jeff Cormak's studio. He's from South Of France. And then we mixed it with Justin Renaud of Sunboy. And he's got more of a hi-fi quality to his production. So it was a good mixture."

On the differences between Plum and his new EP:

"Plum was very much a band that we would come up with ideas together and then flesh them out as a band. Most of these songs are done in my bedroom. I demo them all and we pretty much play them the way they were arranged. It is a little bit more personal in that sense."

Songs performed:

  • "Post Ego-Mania"
  • "Wise Blood"
  • "So Goddamn Low"
  • "Worth It"