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Lady Lamb Plays A Stripped-Down OpenAir Session

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Photo: Lady Lamb at OpenAir
Lady Lamb

Photo: Lady Lamb at OpenAir

Aly Spaltro released "Even in the Tremor," her third album as Lady Lamb, earlier this month. The New York-based singer-songwriter takes plenty of musical twists and turns in her music, shifting from charming and lively pop to contemplative folk at a moment's notice. The connecting thread is Spaltro's poetic and reflective lyrics.

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Spaltro visited our studio to play four songs from "Even in the Tremor" on acoustic guitar with bandmate Marian Li Pino on backing vocals. She also spoke with Bruce Trujillo about how her songs have become more autobiographical, why she arranged the album herself and how a traumatic childhood experience at Pizza Hut led to the song "Young Disciple."

Stream the session above.

Songs performed:

  • "Little Flaws"
  • "Without A Name"
  • "Young Disciple"
  • "Prayer of Love"