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Lillian Returns To CPR’s OpenAir With New EP ‘Light Bender’

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Lillian made her debut appearance in the CPR Performance Studio just over a year ago. Since then, the Denver singer-songwriter has recorded a new EP called "Light Bender." CPR's OpenAir presents her release show Friday at Syntax Physic Opera.

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Lillian returned to our studio this week with her four-piece backing band. She played three songs from "Light Bender" and spoke with Jeremy Petersen about expanding her sound on the new EP, the challenge of playing solo shows and curating the all-female musician "Hysteria" shows at Syntax Physic Opera.

Stream the session and watch Lillian perform "Light Bender" above. Watch more videos below.

Songs performed:

  • "Long Road"
  • "Becoming"
  • "Light Bender"

"Long Road"