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Loch Lomond Romanticizes Life On The Road On New Album ‘Pens From Spain’

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Loch Lomond</p>

Loch Lomond might be a new name to Colorado audiences, but the band is well-established in their home of Portland, Ore. Frontman Ritchie Young -- the band's one constant member -- has released six indie folk-rock albums over the last 13 years, the most recent of which is "Pens From Spain."

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Young and the current Loch Lomond lineup stopped by the CPR Performance Studio before two Colorado shows. They played three songs and spoke with Jeremy Petersen about opening for case/lang/veirs at the Denver Botanic Gardens this summer, the joy of traveling the world, and writing music for the 2014 animated film "The Boxtrolls."

Stream the session and watch Loch Lomond perform "Violins And Tea" above. Read interview highlights below.

Singer and guitarist Ritchie Young on touring with case/lang/veirs:

"It went from intimidating to luxurious. They had a masseuse and a juice person and they were all super nice. (Loch Lomond member) Ji went snake hunting with Neko Case."

Young on the lyrical themes of "Pens From Spain":

"The entire record hints at my desires as a young boy to travel. I really was kind of isolated in a small ski resort town in central Oregon. We would travel maybe 100 miles, 200 miles and that was it. ... This record, it's about me romanticizing travel around the world."

Songs performed:

  • "Violins And Tea"
  • "Stripe"
  • "Silver Felt"