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Low Cut Connie Finds A Fan In President Obama

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CPR / Irvin Coffee
<p>Low Cut Connie</p>

Low Cut Connie can count one very notable fan among their followers: President Barack Obama. The Philadelphia band's song “Boozophilia” appeared on one of his Spotify playlists for summer 2015.

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That selection led to a face-to-face meeting with President Obama this year. Frontman Adam Weiner described the surprising experience to Alisha Sweeney during the band's performance in our CPR Performance Studio last month.

Low Cut Connie's latest album is "Hi Honey." The band performed a song from that album as well as a new song before a show at Denver's Hi-Dive.

Stream the session and watch Low Cut Connie perform "Shake It Little Tina" above. Read interview highlights and watch more video below.

Singer and pianist Adam Weiner on the surprise of making Obama's playlist:

"We're like a little D.I.Y. mom and pop shop. I'm not Nicki Minaj. We kind of fly under a lot of people's radars. But for that song to travel a little winding stream to the White House and then make the cut of his 20 daytime summer songs is really beyond comprehension."

Weiner on meeting the President at the White House last May:

"That was probably one of the top three amazing days of my life. I will tell you one thing, is that at the end of the little meet, he said: 'Hey you guys got a new album coming out?'

"I said: 'Yeah, we're working on it.'

"He said: 'Alright, you gotta let me know! I like what you do. I like your style. Keep it up.'"

Songs performed:

  • "Shake It Little Tina"
  • "Dirty Water"