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Mesita Takes A Break From Electronica For An Acoustic OpenAir Session

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>

James Cooley has spent eight years making electronic beats and melodies in his Littleton bedroom, as well as in Seattle, Chicago and Brooklyn. He has self-released five albums and three EPs under the name Mesita.

Cooley rarely performs live, but he recently stopped into our studio for a unique Mesita performance: Instead of electronica, he performed solo with acoustic guitar.

He performed three songs from his catalog, including the recent single "All Out In The Open," and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about his new album, "Laniakea."

"I look at all the music that I've made and I want to move forward in some way," Cooley says of the new record. "And not fall into the same pitfalls that I used to fall into. Really make something that I have fun making, that I want to make that maybe isn't chasing a single for blogs."

Stream the full session and watch Mesita perform "The Coyotes" above.

Watch more videos below.

Songs performed:

  • "The Coyotes"
  • "All Out In the Open"
  • "Firesign"

"All Out In The Open"