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Peter Bjorn And John Dive Into The Pop Music World With ‘Breakin’ Point’

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>
<p>Peter Bjorn And John</p>

Peter Bjorn And John are now a decade removed from their breakthrough single, "Young Folks." However, the Swedish trio has remained consistently busy since then, and this year they released their seventh studio album, "Breakin' Point."

The band worked on the record for five years with several producers, including Adele and Paul McCartney collaborator Paul Epworth. The result is a more pop-centric album than previous releases.

Peter Bjorn And John stopped into our studio before a headlining show at Bluebird Theater. In addition to performing four new songs, the band spoke with Alisha Sweeney about approaching the new album as a series of unique singles, the logistics of working with many producers on the same record and running the new INGRID recording studio and label in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stream the session and watch Peter Bjorn And John play "Breakin' Point" above.

Read interview highlights and watch more videos below.

Peter Morén on writing the songs for "Breakin' Point"

"We just tried to write the best possible pop songs we could do, all under four minutes. And then we approached the recording a bit like different singles, letting them take different paths rather than trying to squeeze them into one song."

John Eriksson on releasing music on their own label

"When you have your own label, you maybe want to make something even better. You don't want to release crap on your own label."

Songs performed:

  • "Breakin' Point"
  • "Do Si Do"
  • "What You Talking About"
  • "Dominos"

"Do Si Do"

"What Are You Talking About"