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Emanuel Martinez started a community mural movement in Denver in the early 1970s, bringing colorful life to the local Chicano Movement. His mural "La Alma" is a central part of the historic La Alma Lincoln Park neighborhood where he painted it more than 45 years ago. But other murals Emanuel painted at the time have been wiped out. And now, someone very close to him is fighting for important murals like his to be protected and preserved.

To learn more about the Chicano/a/x Murals of Colorado Project, visit chicanomuralsofcolorado.com.

You can find the mural at the La Alma Recreation Center at 1325 W 11th Ave in Denver.

We’ve collaborated with Apple Maps to create a guide to the murals and special places you’ve heard about on Off the Walls. It features a map of some of the coolest public art in Colorado, plus photos of the murals we talk about on the show. To check it out, go to apple.co/Off-The-Walls.

Emanuel Martinez's mural "La Alma" in Denver's historic La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood.
Emanuel Martinez's mural "La Alma" in Denver's historic La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood.
Emanuel Martinez poses for a portrait in his studio in Morrison in 2019.
Lucha Martinez de Luna, founder of the Chicano Murals Project of Colorado, is an advocate for the preservation of Chicano murals in Denver and throughout the state. July 28, 2023.

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