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Wildermiss plays brand new music and talks about a cross country move

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Indie rock band Wildermiss may have made the move from Denver to Nashville recently, but the band hasn't lost that love for their hometown while being embraced by a new music scene. While on the road, Wildermiss has tried out new music and has received flows of positive support. Known for their joyous live shows and their catchy tunes, Wildermiss dominates their Live Session ahead of a headlining show at Infinity Park on September 23. Watch as their exclusive interview and hear brand new singles off their upcoming album Levitate (October 23).

Songs performed:

  • "Gettin' Old Rock & Roll"
  • "Sea In My Tea"
  • "Identify It!"


Host / Alisha Sweeney

Digital Editor / Demi Harvey

Videographer / Irvin Coffee

Mixer / Justin Peacock

Audio Engineer / Josh Rodriguez