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Colorado Public Radio Politics Podcast Purplish Returns For Sixth Season, Focused On Redistricting

Denver, Aug. 31, 2021 – “Purplish,” the CPR News politics and policy podcast, is now in its sixth season. This time around, the public affairs team examines the new independent Congressional redistricting process in Colorado, including how political parties still find ways to influence the process and how redistricting will impact communities across the state. New episodes are released Wednesdays and Fridays through September 10.

“This special, serialized season of ‘Purplish’ sends CPR News’ experienced politics reporting team around the state and behind the scenes to explain why redistricting matters,” said executive producer Rachel Estabrook. “It’s an ambitious project that takes ‘Purplish’ to the next level.”

CPR News started “Purplish” in 2018 as a way to explain Colorado’s unusual brand of democracy and how it related to the election that year. It has since returned every year for the legislative session, as well as for another elections-focused season in 2020. 

Episodes typically feature CPR’s three reporters on the public affairs beat — Andrew Kenney, Bente Birkeland and Caitlyn Kim — discussing an issue in depth, with other CPR journalists joining from time to time to offer their expertise. This season they hit the road, bringing back sound-rich reporting from parts of the state with the most at stake in this process.

“Redistricting is one of those things that people know is important, but which often gets reduced to a game of winners and losers — ‘the map favors this party, the map hurts that party,’” said editor Megan Verlee. “We wanted to go deeper than that and look at the ways this process can unite or divide people. It's exciting to finally get to share all this work with people.”

The name of the podcast comes from the political makeup of Colorado, where the largest group of voters is Unaffiliated, followed by roughly even groups of Democrats and Republicans. 

“Purplish” is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and our website


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