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Colorado Public Radio Wins Society of Professional Journalists, Broadcasters Association and New York Festivals® Radio Awards, Including Journalist of the Year

Centennial, Colo. April 22, 2020 -- Colorado Public Radio was honored this month with awards from The Colorado Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, The Colorado Broadcasters Association and the New York Festivals® Radio Awards.

Colorado SPJ awarded CPR News as its Journalist of the Year for the Teens Under Stress project.

"I want to congratulate you and the entire CPR News team — the Colorado Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists selected CPR News collectively for its Teens Under Stress work for our 2020 Journalist of the Year Award,” said Tony Flessor, the president of Colorado SPJ and the editor of Law Week Colorado.

"The SPJ Colorado board voted unanimously to award CPR News for the package. As far as I'm aware, it's rare for us to recognize an entire newsroom, but we felt the effort was worthy of group recognition. It was an important topic and the work was incredibly well done all around.”

The series of stories — on the radio, CPR’s website and social media accounts — prioritizes hearing from teens themselves about the multitude of stressors driving the state's teens to high and rising rates of suicide, depression, anxiety and teen violence. The series also reflects the perspectives of educators, health experts, and parents.

The work has been led by Editor Kate Schimel, Education Reporter Jenny Brundin, Health Reporter John Daley, host and producer Avery Lill, and former Denverite editor Ashley Dean, along with other members of the CPR News team. The Teens Under Stress series also received First Place in the General Reporting - Series or Package and Education: Enterprise Reporting categories. The stories for the project can be found here: http://www.cpr.org/teens

Colorado Public Radio was also honored with the following SPJ awards

Spot News Photography, First Place, Promised Snow Snarls The Front Range, Closes State Govt. And Will Certainly Mess With Your Travel Plans, Hart Van Denburg

Politics: Enterprise, Reporting, Second Place, CPR investigates the personnel problems plaguing a new state ethics commissioner, Bente Birkeland, Megan Verlee, Chuck Murphy

General Website Excellence, First Place, CPR News online, Dave Burdick, Jim Hill, Hart Van Denburg, Francie Swidler, Alex Scoville, Alison Borden, Andrew Villegas

General Podcasting Excellence, First Place, CPR's Since Columbine, Andrea Dukakis, Rachel Estabrook, Nathaniel Minor, Kevin Dale, Jon Pinnow

Breaking News Story, Second Place, CPR News' coverage of the bomb cyclone, Dave Burdick, Andrew Villegas, Jim Hill, Hayley Sanchez, Natalia Navarro, Megan Verlee, Dan Boyce, Michelle P. Fulcher, Ryan Warner, Dan Schneider, Kevin J. Beaty, Donna Bryson

Business Enterprise Reporting, First Place, CPR investigates businesses' influence on Denver's mayor's office, Ben Markus, Kevin Dale, Rachel Estabrook, Jim Hill

Ag and Environment: General Reporting, First Place, It’s Raining Plastic In Parts Of Colorado, Michael Elizabeth Sakas, Kelley Griffin, Jim Hill

Health: Enterprise Reporting, First Place, CPR's coverage of the vaping epidemic, John Daley, Kate Schimel

Marijuana Enterprise Reporting, First Place, Weed's Legal Hangover, Ann Marie Awad, Brad Turner, Curtis Fox, Rachel Estabrook, Kevin Dale

Best Solutions Journalism, Second Place, Climate Change Variety Hour, Ryan Warner, Carl Bilek, Matt Herz, Michael Hughes, Grace Hood, Paul Karolyi

Feature Photography, Second Place, Colorado Vintage Baseball League Keeps The Old Timey Game Alive, Hart Van Denburg

News Photography, First Place, Frustrated With Adults, STEM School Shooting Survivors Take Over Vigil in Highlands Ranch, Kevin J. Beaty

News Photography, Second Place, In Early-Morning Roundups, Denver Grabs Geese In City Parks To Kill Them And Send Meat To Hungry Families, Kevin J. Beaty

News Photography, Third Place, Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke visits Aurora to talk about gun control, Hart Van Denburg

A&E and Food: Single Story, First Place, Colorado Ballet Hopes This Years Nutcracker Is The Last Held Together By Duct Tape And Glue, Stephanie Wolf, Kelley Griffin

Multimedia Story, First Place, CPR investigates businesses' influence on Denver's mayor's office, Ben Markus, Jim Hill, Kevin Dale, Rachel Estabrook

Multimedia Story, Third Place, Beloved Saber-Toothed Cat At The Denver Museum Of Nature & Science Gets Dental Work, New Roars, Sam Brasch, Kevin J. Beaty, Jim Hill, Megan Verlee 

Sports: General Reporting, First Place, Colorado Vintage Baseball League Keeps The Old Timey Game Alive, Vic Vela, Andrew Villegas, Hart Van Denburg

Health: General Reporting, First Place, Colorado Is A Hotbed Of Teen Vaping, But Lacks The Tools To Help Kids Quit, John Daley, Kate Schimel

Health: General Reporting, Second Place, How medical translators could slow America's maternal mortality crisis, Sam Brasch, Megan Verlee, Dave Burdick

Education: General Reporting, Second Place, Amelia's audio diary, Jenny Brundin, Kate Schimel

Ag and Environment: Enterprise, First Place, CPR investigates methane reporting in Colorado, Grace Hood, Kate Schimel, Allison Herrera, Chuck Murphy

Full list of CO SPJ Awards

The Colorado Broadcasters Association has selected Colorado Public Radio for five awards and three certificates of merit. 


Best Public Affairs Program, CPR’s special “Guns, Hate and Mental Health” (Colorado Matters team)

Best Mini-Documentary or Series, CPR’s Since Columbine, Nathaniel Minor, Andrea Dukakis, Rachel Estabrook

Best News Special or Public Affairs Special, CPR reports on the lasting impact of child sexual abuse, Ryan Warner, Xandra McMahon, Carl Bilek

Best Use of Digital/Social Media, CPR’s Teen Phone Use on Instagram, Francie Swidler, Kevin Beaty, Kate Schimel

Best Radio Podcast, CPR’s On Something, Ann Marie Awad, Brad Turner, Curtis Fox

Certificates of merit:

Best News Feature, Report or Series, CPR reports on bike safety in Colorado, Nathaniel Minor, Kate Schimel

Best News Special or Public Affairs Special, CPR’s Climate Change Variety Hour, Ryan Warner, Grace Hood, Matt Herz

Best Radio Podcast, CPR’s Since Columbine, Nathaniel Minor, Andrea Dukakis, Rachel Estabrook

Full list of CBA awards

The New York Festivals® Radio Awards winners were announced and Colorado Public Radio was honored with silver and bronze awards.

Personal Lives Podcast, Silver award, CPR’s On Something, Ann Marie Awad, Brad Turner, Rebekah Romberg, Curtis Fox, Rachel Estabrook, Kevin Dale

Best Regularly Scheduled Talk Program, Bronze award, CPR's "Colorado Matters," Ryan Warner, Carl Bilek, Michael Elizabeth Sakas, Ben Markus, Michael Hughes

Full list of New York Festivals® Radio awards


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