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CPR Launches National Cannabis Podcast: A Journalistic Take on Life After Legalization

CENTENNIAL, Colo., June 18, 2019 – Colorado Public Radio’s new podcast “On Something”, exploring the political, legal and cultural effects of marijuana legalization, launches today and can be found on all major podcast platforms. It seeks out everyday users alongside experts and even drug historians to provide a fact-based, journalistic take on the world of legal cannabis.

The new podcast is a collaboration between CPR News and PRX, the national radio organization that distributes popular podcasts like “99% Invisible” and “On Being.”

The first, 10-episode season of "On Something" will include stories on how marijuana became illegal in the first place, how states are addressing old cannabis-related convictions for crimes that are in many cases no longer illegal, a close look at marijuana dependence, and the conversation around marijuana, spirituality and whether or not federal law protects religious practice that uses pot.

Host Ann Marie Awad, recognized in 2019 by The Society of Professional Journalists Colorado for Best Marijuana General Reporting, will act as a guide for listeners looking to understand how legalization is affecting communities across the nation.

“Since Colorado was one of the first states to legalize cannabis, the CPR newsroom has a jump start on this,” Awad said. “This show allows us to explore the subject in greater depth -- to really understand how people and pot intersect.”

CPR News developed the podcast through Project Catapult, a podcast accelerator program run by PRX with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The production team behind "On Something" has worked on nationally renowned programs such as the Peabody-nominated "Ear Hustle" and "The New Yorker Fiction Podcast" as well as CPR podcasts like "Purplish" and “Since Columbine.”

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