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Mike Flanagan, Program Director and Leader of Colorado Public Radio’s OpenAir Announces Retirement

CENTENNIAL, Colo. Oct. 25, 2018Mike Flanagan, Program Director of Colorado Public Radio's OpenAir, announced that he will retire on October 31, 2018. Flanagan’s career in radio has spanned over 50 years, including nearly 15 years at CPR, first as a classical music host in the 1990’s and then in his current role as OpenAir program director.

Flanagan is most notable for providing the vision behind the music heard on CPR’s OpenAir – the organization’s new and independent music service – including its focus on highlighting bands and musicians local to Colorado, and exploring songs from both past and present artists. With this vision, he helped launch OpenAir in 2011 and has played a key role in its growth and development over the past 7 years. This included overseeing its move to 102.3 FM in 2015 and the expansion north to Fort Collins six months later.

“Mike’s contributions to OpenAir and to the local music community can’t be overstated,” said SVP of Programming Sean Nethery. “He’s had his thumb on what’s defining new music today from the very beginning, knowledge that crafted OpenAir to be a source of musical discovery for the Colorado community and a champion for local and emerging artists. We are immensely grateful for his many years of service and will miss the unique energy he brought to the airwaves - and the office - every day.”

In addition to providing strategic leadership, Mike’s contributions to the new music scene could be heard daily via his afternoon show, which provided a unique soundtrack for the afternoon commute. He also guided listeners through some of history’s most memorable songs from the 1950’s through today via his weekend show, “Retrofit.”

“Since day one, CPR’s OpenAir has been a safari, designed to take listeners on a wild ride through the songs that defined the previous generations, all the way to what’s making headlines today,” said Flanagan. “It’s been an honor to elevate new music, showcase all the amazing talent generated here in Colorado and manage a passionate, knowledgeable staff. I look forward to tuning in from the outside and hearing how the music evolves.”

CPR is currently seeking Flanagan’s successor and is accepting applications for the next OpenAir Program Director. More information about the position can be found here.

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