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‘Music Blocks’ from Colorado Public Radio Wins Best Podcast for Kids

Los Angeles, March 23, 2022 - “Music Blocks,” the music appreciation podcast from Colorado Public Radio, won Best Podcast for Kids at the Podcast Academy’s second annual Ambies, the Oscars of podcasting, on Tuesday night.

“Thank you to all of the parents, teachers and students who use ‘Music Blocks’ in their homes and classrooms to spread our shared love of music with the next generation,” said co-host Luis Antonio Perez in his acceptance speech. 

“Music Blocks” is a music appreciation podcast developed in consultation with Colorado music educators. Each five-minute episode focuses on a basic emotion — such as happiness, sadness or surprise — and how those feelings are expressed in music from around the world. 

“I'm very proud of our team for winning this award, but I'm even more proud of the way ‘Music Blocks’ responded to the moment and served our community,” said Brad Turner, executive producer of CPR’s Audio Innovations Studio. “It gave teachers a helpful tool to discuss music during class time, helped students discover new sounds and genres, and gave parents a way to discuss emotions with their kids during the pandemic."

The show launched in August 2021 with eight episodes designed as conversation starters for middle- and high-school students. Episodes present familiar hit songs alongside music from  different cultures, eras and genres. 

“Music Blocks” is co-hosted by Colorado Public Radio’s Luis Antonio Perez and Rebekah Romberg. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube and our website. If you listen to the show, we’d love to hear about your experience with it here

The Ambies celebrate excellence in podcasting and elevate awareness and status of podcasts as a unique and personal medium for entertainment, information, storytelling and expression. The show is hosted by The Podcast Academy, the preeminent professional podcast organization. The first award presentation, in 2021, included Colorado Public Radio’s “Back From Broken” as a nominee for Best Interview Podcast. A full list of winners is available here.

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