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Ankylosaur fossil
Ankylosaurus, the “fused lizard”

The enormous T Rex may have been a terror to all it encountered. But it was not invincible. It could be taken down by a 25-foot-long armor-clad plant eater, ankylosaurus.

The ankylosaurus stood relatively low to the ground. A narrow beak helped it strip leaves from plants. But it was built like a tank, studded with spikes. Bones and other body parts fused together to make it stronger. It’s most fearsome feature – the tail, where plates merged into a thick club. One swing could easily shatter the bones of a T Rex. The ankylosaur roamed slowly across Colorado 60-some million years ago, and its 7 ton body left deep footprints on Skyline Drive near Canon City, heading west through ancient marshlands.

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