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Women’s Bank

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Courtesy Denver Public Library
The Women’s Bank, located at the Equitable Building, 730 17th St, Denver
Women’s Bank

A century ago, women gained the right to vote. But ... credit independence came much later. Well into the 1970s, a woman typically couldn’t get a loan or credit card without a husband’s signature— even if she had strong financial and business sense.

Then came the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, which alleviated some of the official discrimination. Women started opening banks to give credit opportunities to women. The country’s second one was in Denver.

From the moment it opened its doors in 1978, The Women’s Bank was an unqualified success. Day one alone brought in a million dollars. Its loans had less than half the usual delinquency rate. Customers represented a wide cross-section of people, including men. Other banks took notice of this success, and began to open their leadership ranks to more women.

The Women’s Bank was sold in 1994, and renamed the Colorado Business Bank.

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