A Colorado Proposal To Get Rid Of The ‘Do Nothing’ Congress

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Photo: Colorado State House, State Capitol, December 2015, Southwest Corner, Side, Snow
The Colorado State Capitol.

Politics are becoming more polarized and citizens' trust in government has declined, according to a report from the University of Denver. A university panel proposes that lawmakers from both parties identify big issues facing society each year and then grade themselves on how they deal with those issues.

As it is now, "legislative bodies have virtually no collective accountability to the public," writes management professor James Griesemer, who is also chair of DU's Strategic Issues Panel. The panel has in the past weighed in on thorny topics, such as campaign finance and immigration.

Griesemer talked with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner leading up to Colorado's 2016 legislative session. The report's findings apply to Congress and state governments.

Read the report: "Searching for Legislative Accountability: Rebuilding Citizen Trust In The Legislative Process."