A Mass Burial In Colorado, Led By The Denver Museum of Nature & Science

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photo steve nash denver museum
Steve Nash, curator of archaeology, Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

There will be a mass burial in Colorado this Wednesday. No family members are expected attend. Rather, a group of museum workers and civic leaders will gather Wednesday in a non-denominational cemetery in Crestone for the event.

Not much is known about the remains of the estimated 20 people being laid to rest other than their bones have long been in possession of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Seven years ago, the museum stopped curating human remains without the consent of the individual, next of kin, or community. The ceremony is an extension of that policy. It's not required by law (as is the case with repatriating American Indian remains), but instead on the museum's ethics.

The museum's curator of archaeology, Steve Nash, spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.