A New History Colorado Exhibit Spotlights The Utes’ Significance To Colorado

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Photo: Ute Tribe Bear Dance
A traditional Ute bear dance ceremony.

The Utes are some of Colorado's oldest residents — by some estimates, the tribe has been here for 13,000 years.

Despite that, many Coloradans today may not recognize that they may be touched by Ute history on a daily basis.

A new exhibit at History Colorado aims to reconnect Coloradans to the historical and contemporary significance of the Utes. “Written on the Land: Ute Voices, Ute History" opens Saturday, Dec. 8.

Ernest House Jr. is among dozens of Ute tribal members who helped develop the exhibit, which features more than 150 objects including beaded gloves, fringed shawls and carved instruments that are part of the Bear Dance. House talked to Colorado Matters about the deep dive into Ute history.