After A Buzzfeed News Report, Sen. Bennet Raises Concerns About A Secret Federal Marijuana Committee

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Photo: Marijuana Black Market Busts 1 | Denver 2016 Bust - AP
Investigators load marijuana plants onto a Colorado National Guard truck outside a suspected illegal grow operation in north Denver, April 14, 2016.

Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet has raised concerns about a secret marijuana committee the White House formed that the senator believes is designed to mislead the public about the drug.

Bennet's concerns stem from an August Buzzfeed report that hinted at the committee's existence. In September, the White House confirmed that it is running a marijuana committee, in partnership with 14 federal agencies, to study the drug. The White House insists the committee's work is unbiased.

Buzzfeed reporter Dominic Holden talked to Colorado Matters about the murky background of the federal committee. While the group was not technically secret, it was never publicly announced, which is unusual for a broad effort spanning 14 federal agencies.

Holden said the matter is further complicated by the administration's unclear stance on marijuana. Meanwhile, Colorado U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer recently announced he'll be taking a hard look at what he perceives as loopholes in the state's marijuana laws.