Beta Test: Obesity may be responsible for higher infertility rates

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Photo: Obesity - Obese man (iStock)

Polotsky is a specialist in reproductive medicine at CU Denver. He recently published a paper in the journal Obesity that shows that while overweight women have trouble with fertility, a man's excess weight also plays a role.

Polotsky is also doing research to figure out the molecular link between obesity and fertility. But, he says, it's also critical that overweight couples who want to have children improve their diets and exercise more.

"Regardless of the specific molecular mechanism, it's clear that obesity causes infertility. That's the whole conundrum people should be focused on while scientists seek the specifics," said Polotsky.

Dr. Polotsky recently formed a partnership with CU's Anschutz Health and Wellness Center to help overweight couples dealing with infertility.