Bolder Giving says we can all be like Bill Gates in charitable giving

November 11, 2013
Photo: Bill and Melinda Gates(Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)
Bill and Melinda Gates.
That’s the current net worth of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, who’s given away billions through his foundation.
A few years ago, Gates and his friend, investor Warren Buffett, who’s worth a mere $54 billion, started asking other really rich people to follow their lead and give more and more of their fortunes away.
Now for the rest of us: The organization that Gates says inspired his giving pledge is asking people at all income levels to donate more than they do now.
It’s something we wanted to talk about as we enter the giving season.
Ryan Warner talks with the head of Bolder Giving, Jason Franklin.
Franklin was recently in Colorado to talk with donors at the Denver Foundation about this idea.