Boulder Nonprofit Eco-Cycle Wants To Build Zero Waste Communities

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Photo: Colorado China Recycling 3 | Brent Hildebrand - XMcMahon
Brent Hildebrand, Vice President of Recycling for Alpine Waste and Recycling, June 19, 2018.

With new restrictions from China dialing up the pressure on local recycling facilities, knowing how to keep your recyclables out of a landfill is more important than ever. Enter Eco-Cycle, a Boulder-based nonprofit that also runs the Boulder County Recycling Center. Eco-Cycle's mission is to build "zero waste communities," meaning everything a community uses, can eventually be reused. The group also teaches people how the stuff they throw away contributes to climate change. Eco-Cycle director of communications Harlin Savage spoke to Colorado Matters about how Colorado citizens can live a cleaner lifestyle.