Budget Breakdown: Yo JBC Raps!

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The Colorado budget crisis is serious, front page news. But it has also inspired some fun. As Colorado Public Radio’s Zachary Barr tells us, someone is turning budget woes into rap lyrics on Twitter.

Barr: The first tweet was sent out in early January. Since then there have been many more. But these tweets are just words on a web page. And this is radio. So to share the rhymes, I recruited a couple of volunteers.

Castillo: My name’s Chase Castillo, I’m sixteen and I go to high school in Superior and I love to beat box.

Barr: Castillo will make the beats - just him, no instruments. And his friend Michael Vladeck will rap the lyrics.

Vladeck: So I’ll probably do it like this 1, 2, 3, 4. Sorta like this:

In Colorado we have big revenue crisis, a budget needs Benjamins, bling, and some ices.
Taxpayers bill of rights came in 92, on taxes we most vote y’all me and you!

Like that, ok, dope. Alright.

Barr: The tweets are a lot like that. just a couple of lines, often riffing on what’s in the news.

Vladeck: When Colorado economy hits the skids, no revenue left to educate the kids
Colorado economy still in the pooper, tough budget cuts from homie Hickenlooper!

Barr: Whoever is writing these lyrics wants to b e anonymous. But a clue to the person’s identity might be right at the top the web page. Their Twitter handle is YO JBC Raps! The JBC is the Joint Budget Committee. It’s the arm of state government where lawmakers and policy analysts work together on the state budget. So I sent a tweet to YO JBC Raps! and asked who they are. Here’s what they tweeted back:

Vladeck: Thanks for props on my fat budget rhymes, someday I’ll reveal my i.d. in time.

Barr: So, at least for now, it remains a mystery.

I’m Zachary Barr, Colorado Public Radio News.