Celebrated Denver chef launches TV series

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Frank Bonanno cooking show
Denver chef Frank Bonanno shows off a fish dish on his new cooking show "ChefDriven."

The Denver-based chef and owner of several restaurants, including Mizuna and Luca D’Italia, is launching a TV series on Colorado Public Television.

The show, called "ChefDriven" premiers Sunday at 6pm MT.

Bonanno will travel the state and meet with farmers, ranchers, bakers and brewers and will cook along the way. He plans to use ingredients from each of the destinations he visits.

The first episode features Bonanno visiting a fishery owner in Alamosa, Colo., to learn about striped bass farming. Later in the program, he prepares striped bass and roasted potatoes.

"'ChefDriven' is a show about following a product, like striped bass or small batch whiskey, back to the source," Bonnano said. "As a consumer, it can be difficult to trace where your food is coming from and 'ChefDriven' is my opportunity to bridge that gap."

The show will air on Channel 12 in Denver and after it premiers it will be available online at chefdrivenshow.com.