Climate change could mean curtains for ski industry, expert says

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Photo: Skiing in Silverton
The scene in this photo, taken in Silverton, Colo., could become rare if writer Porter Fox is correct.

Fox is an editor and writer at Powder magazine, and in a new book, he says climate change threatens to put the ski industry out of business--likely sooner than you might think.

According to one study, two-thirds of Europe’s ski areas may have to close by 2050 because of lack of snow.

“They have a pretty difficult time of turning profits as it is," Fox tells Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner. "It’s a tough business. And then you come along and say ‘well, you’re going to lose all or half of your snow in the next 50-70 years. It’s maybe a little bit too much to process all at once.”

His new book is called “DEEP: The Story of Skiing and the Future of Snow.”

To write it, Fox went on a fact-finding trip in the West last winter to see the effects of climate change first-hand.

“Pretty much everyone that I spoke with had stories of disappearing snow,” Fox says.