Coloradans Continue to Help Haiti

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Haitian children attend a temporary school at the Nouveau College Bird, a school run by the Methodist Church of Haiti in Port au Prince. Photo by Jim Gulley

Haiti marks the one year anniversary of its devastating earthquake tomorrow. Two Coloradans with deep ties to the island nation will be there. Methodist minister Jim Gulley was in Haiti when the quake hit. He survived 55 hours in the rubble. Dr. Jim Smith, a Pueblo surgeon who's volunteered in Haiti for a decade, was home in Colorado but he got to the country within days to treat victims. Between them, Gulley and Smith have returned to Haiti a dozen times in the last year.They share their stories with Ryan Warner.

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An X-Ray machine awaits shipment from the U.S. to a hospital in Gonaives, Haiti. Photo by Dr. Jim Smith, Health4Hait.

Earthquake damage to Sacre Cours Cathedral in Port au Prince. Photo by Jim Smith.

Earthquake damage to a government building in Port au Prince. Photo by Jim Smith.

Rev. Jim Gulley stands in front of a temporary building at the Corail Resettlement Camp in Port au Prince. Photo by Marco Depestre.

Temporary classrooms at the Corail Resettlement Camp. Photo by Lauren James.