Colorado Matters at The Tattered: Highlights from 2014

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Photo: Colorado Matters at the Tattered retrospective
Scenes from Colorado Matters at the Tattered, from top left: "The Painter," by Peter Heller; Boulder author Laird Hunt; short story writer Antonya Nelson; "5280: The Cookbook."

May: Peter Heller

Denver author Peter Heller's gripping new novel "The Painter" is about an artist, Jim Stegner, who moves to Paonia, Colo., for a fresh start. Stegner is a recovering alcoholic, his marriage has fallen apart, he's been in prison and he's lost a child. "He's a guy that has a huge, generous soul and a good heart, but often finds himself in trouble," Heller said. Listen to the complete conversation.

June: Antonya Nelson

Antonya Nelson, who lives part-time in Telluride and Bonanza, Colo. , is able to reveal the world about her characters in just a few words in her new collection of short stories "Funny Once." As an example, she writes of a needy female character in one story, "You can see it in the way she greets you, grabbing with two palms to shake your hand, to detain you in her clutch." Listen to the complete conversation.

September: Laird Hunt

The seeds for Boulder author Laird Hunt's new novel "Neverhome" were sewn nearly 20 years ago when his wife handed him the book "An Uncommon Soldier," about a woman who fought as a man in the Civil War. "These were the letters home of a woman who went to war and fought under the name Lyons Wakeman and became a corporal and served the Union army for two years. This story stuck with me," said Hunt. Listen to the complete conversation.

October: Matt Bai

One week in 1987 changed politics, journalism and maybe even our Democracy. That’s the premise of the new book “All The Truth is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid.” Political columnist Matt Bai, of Yahoo News, offers a reassessment of the events that drove Colorado Senator Gary Hart out of the presidential race. Listen to the complete conversation.

November: 5280: The Cookbook

What exactly is Colorado cuisine? 5280 Food Editor Amanda Faison, who has been the Denver magazine's food editor for more than a decade, tries to answer that question in "5280: The Cookbook -- Recipes for your kitchen from Denver and Boulder’s most celebrated chefs.” Listen to the complete conversation.