Colorado Votes: I Spy Government

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Take a look around you and there’s a good chance you could see the hand of government -- whether you're at home, driving or in the office.

Since the role of government is so central to the presidential election, we at CPR News decided to see if we could spark a discussion about what that role should be. We’ve developed an online tool called "I Spy Government," and we’re asking you to help identify where government intersects with your life in Colorado.

CPR’s Vice President of News, Kelley Griffin, joins us to talk about the project and how you can get involved.


Go to There, you can upload photos taken from your surroundings, and you can describe where you see government. And tell us what you think of the government roles you discover in your photo.

Also, poke around the map of the state at other photos already posted by fellow Coloradans. Share your views on those examples of government, too.


If you want to use your smartphone to take part in "I Spy Government," you can download a free app called Ushahidi. (It's a Swahili word meaning "Witness" -- the app was designed in Kenya to get people to use their phones and report violence on election day -- now we're using it for the I Spy Government map!) If the map doesn't show up in "local maps" type in the address

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[Photo: Anna Panoka, CPR News]