Colorado’s History Is Grounded In Latino And Chicano Culture. Why Isn’t It Better Told?

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Cesar Chavez With Colorado Activist Corky Gonzales
Cesar Chavez, pictured at left with Colorado Chicano activist Corky Gonzales, visited Colorado several times.

Colorado's history is so interwoven with that of its Latino and Chicano residents that the state constitution was originally written in English, German and Spanish.

But landmarks, plaques and other commemorative monuments dedicated to Latino and Chicano history in the state are scarce and poorly preserved, if they exist at all. This is in spite of Colorado's rich past, including Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales' activism, the Escuela Tlatelolco school, Chicano murals in La Alma-Lincoln Park and more.

Nicki Gonzales is a history professor at Regis University and a member on History Colorado's State Historian Council. Gonzales talked to Colorado Matters about how a lack of landmarks reduces a group of people and their history into stereotypes.