Colorado’s poet laureate says farewell

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(Photo: Courtesy of Christine Mason)
<p>Colorado Poet Laureate David Mason.</p>

David Mason is in his last days as Colorado’s poet laureate. He was selected for the four-year term by former Gov. Bill Ritter. Mason also leads the creative writing program at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.Photo: Colorado poet laureate David Mason

As he steps down, he also has a new collection called “Sea Salt.” The poems in it span the last decade. Here is the title poem:

Sea Salt

Light dazzles from the grass
over the carnal dune.
This too shall come to pass,
but will it happen soon?
A kite nods to its string.
A cloud is happening

above the tripping waves,
joined by another cloud.
They are a crowd that moves.
The sky becomes a shroud
ut by a blade of sun.
There's nothing to be done.

The soul, if there's a soul
moves out to what it loves,
whatever makes it whole.
The sea stands still and moves,
denoting nothing new,
deliberating now.

The days are made of hours,
hours of instances,
and none of them are ours.
The sand blows through the fences.
Light darkens on the grass.
This too shall come to pass.