Colorado’s Push for Civility in Government

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One thing that has come out of the recent shooting in Tucson is a push for more civility on divisive issues. In his recent State of the State address, Governor John Hickenlooper spoke several times about the need for people with different viewpoints to work together. Meanwhile, more than 50 organizations in Colorado that have signed a civility pledge and are also urging state legislators and members of Congress to sign to sign. It says they will "rise above the rhetoric and negativity and focus on finding solutions." Sadie Babits talks with Tony Gagliardi. He leads the National Federation of Independent Business in Colorado. It is one of the groups wanting lawmakers to sign the pledge. Later, Congressmen Mike Coffman and Jared Polis join the discussion. Coffman is a Republican whose district includes Littleton and Castle Rock. Polis is a Democrat who represents Boulder and mountain communities west of Denver.