Conservative Professors Say They’re Alone In A Sea Of Liberals

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Photo: Students at University of Colorado Boulder (AP Photo)
Students walk to and from classes on the campus of the University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colo.

Five years ago, CU Boulder began appointing an annual Visiting Scholar In Conservative Thought -- a ground-breaking program at the time. This year the university has chosen two such visitors. One is W.B. Allen, professor emeritus of political philosophy at Michigan State University and former dean of James Madison College. The other scholar will be Stephen B. Presser, a legal historian at Northwestern. Joshua Dunn, a self-described conservative professor at CU’s Colorado Springs campus, talks with Colorado Matters about how he views CU's Conservative Scholar program and what conservative scholars on American college campuses experience in general. He’s the author of, “Passing on the Right: Conservative Professors in the Progressive University.”