Could Dave Terbush of Cherry Creek Schools be next national Janitor of the Year?

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Photo: Dave Terbush Aurora school janitor
Dave Terbush is among the finalists for the national Janitor of the Year honor.

If you think picking up after your kids is a daunting task, imagine cleaning up after 661 elementary school students. That’s just what Dakota Valley School janitor Dave Terbush has been doing for the last four years. He does it so well, he was chosen from hundreds of nominees to be one of 10 finalists for the title of Janitor of the Year.

“The kids call me Mr. Dave," he says, adding, “I could be called to do anything.”

Anything includes dealing with classrooms that are too hot or cold, fixing broken doors or cafeteria duty.

“A lot of times the kids will need something opened, especially the younger kids have a hard time with drinks and opening yogurts and stuff,” he says.

On snow days his workload grows and those are the days he says he wishes he had a clone. And when summer comes, there's only more work.

“I will end up doing a lot of painting, touching up, caulking, making sure the sinks are all clear, the drains, everything is working properly," he says. "The mobile ramps take a lot of abuse, so I’ll do a lot of deck work just putting screws in to make sure everything is strong like it should be.”

His smile and positive attitude are why he was nominated for Janitor of the Year. He’s the only Coloradoan in the top 10. Voting for Janitor of the Year runs through April.