Crossing the Line

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You know the expression “rules were meant to be broken.” Some of the people forced to evacuate because of the Fourmile Canyon Fire took that to heart and sneaked past road blocks to check on their homes.

We’ve reported some of those stories and listeners like Grand Junction resident Susan Konantz responded. She e-mailed us saying “As the wife and mother of wildfire fighters, I was appalled that you gave airtime to that man who impersonated a firefighter to check on his home. People like him whether he realizes it or not are interfering with those fighting the fire. How many others, listening to that story will try the same stunt?”

Some people who’ve snuck past barricades have been caught. Rick Brough is with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department. He said at a press conference last week that “We have made contact with a few people who have made it into the area. We did have to escort a person who made it out yesterday in handcuffs. We have issued a ticket to someone who tried to get in.”

We talk with Colorado's fire marshall Kevin Klein about why people sneak back to check on their homes, what the penalities are and the safety concerns.

Photo credit: Boulder Daily Camera Mark Leffingwell