Denver Considers Changes After Harassment Claim Against Mayor

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Photo: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, CPR Studios (HV)
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock at the CPR studios Thursday, April 21, 2016.

Last week, the Denver City Council said it would not investigate claims of sexual harassment against Mayor Michael Hancock. The charges were made by a Denver police detective who used to work on Hancock's security detail. The City Council said it lacked the legal authority to investigate. Councilwoman at-large Robin Kniech tells Colorado Matters that members say they'll create a policy to handle future complaints.

Hancock has apologized for his behavior regarding the texts to Leslie Branch Wise. In announcing the decision not to investigate, council president Albus Brooks said, "Council is deeply concerned that there is not a process to make a complaint against a Denver elected official for sexual harassment." How does Denver lack that kind of accountability?