DIA Would Love To See The A-Line Train Filled With More Workers

April 21, 2017
DIA Jeppesen Terminal(Photo courtesy Denver International Airport)

It’s been a year since the A-Line from Union Station to Denver International Airport opened. Despite numerous delays and service interruptions, thousands of passengers take the train every day. Many use it to get to work at DIA, at restaurants, car-rental agencies, and other businesses.

While the airport is responsible for more than 35,000 jobs, there are hundreds that just aren’t being filled. It’s gotten so bad that some companies are offering signing bonuses as incentives, and the airport recently launched a website listing all DIA job openings.

Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel speaks to Patrick Heck, DIAs chief commercial officer, and Dennis Deslongchamp, a longtime concessionaire and business owner at the airport.