Drone Assists Colorado Peak Bagger, Prompts Internet Outrage

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Photo: Scaling peak in SW Colorado
Randy Day pilots a drone at Peak 98-54 in southwestern Colorado.

An ugly, clay-colored spire that was one of Colorado's highest unclimbed peaks has finally been summited. Last month, David Goldstein and father-son team Randy and Kastan Day beat the challenging southwestern point known as Peak 98-54, so named for it's elevation. While the team is celebrating, it is also contending with a backlash for using an aerial drone to help rig ropes.

Some of the online barrage has been merciless. "Pathetic," writes one climbing watcher. "Not cool," "lame" and "cheating," say a few others.

Goldstein, a retired software engineer, spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about checking the daunting peak off his list of climbs and giving a new name to 98-54: Drone Home. Goldstein claims he has climbed nearly half of Colorado's roughly 4,400 known peaks, and 606 of the state's 638 peaks that are at least 13,000-feet high.


Photo: David Goldstein
Goldstein on why climb 98-54