Escaped Butterflies and Floating Hotels Highlight the Biennial

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Produced by Chloe Veltman

Right now, downtown Denver is the site of a series of unusual structures occupying traffic islands, parking lots and green spaces. The eye-catching sights include a cluster of low-lying umbrella-like forms in Skyline Park and a series of giant mesh cubes dotted along the 16th street Mall containing dozens of butterflies.

Created by architects from different countries for the 2013 Biennial of the Americas, these structures are more than mere whimsy. They also address several interesting urban issues particular to downtown Denver.

CPR’s Arts Editor, Chloe Veltman, chatted with Biennial Co-curator Gaspar Libedinsky about the four projects that make up this exhibition. Libedinsky works at the intersection between performance art and architecture. His eclectic background includes developing New York’s famous Highline Park and juggling for celebrity architect Rem Koolhaas.

[Photos: Cristobal Palma]