Eye & the Arrow’s New Album and Video

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The Denver trio Eye & the Arrow has just released a new album called "If By Fire," and to celebrate, the band put together a music video that was almost 40 years in the making. As drummer Mark Anderson recently told CPR’s OpenAir, they used home movies that Anderson’s dad shot with his friends back in 1974.

"There's a part where they all ride motorcycles but they're just like squatting, so there's nothing really under them and it's just stop motion so they go flying down the street. But it was filmed on 16mm, so all the editing was clipping and splicing the film. It was a lot of work, but it's perfect for the song."

The track is called Honey Wine, and you can watch the video here.

You can also watch the band perform a few songs from their recent studio visit on OpenAir's YouTube page

[Photo: CPR/Mark Coulter]