Gobble tov! Recipes for a combined Thanksgiving and Hanukkah

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(Photo: Courtesy Daniel Asher)
<p>Chef Daniel Asher shares his multi-layered holiday recipe for latkes.  <a href="http://www.cpr.org/news/story/recipe-colorado-red-beet-butternut-squash-and-cranberry-thankhanukkah-latkes" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Full Story</a></p>

Some are calling it "Thankhanukkah." We’ve also been hearing “Thanksgivingkuh.” This year, Jews will light Hanukkah candles on Thanksgiving -- a rare occurrence. To celebrate this overlap, cooks are dreaming up culinary mash-ups. Not surprisingly, the latke -- a fried potato pancake -- is the star of this year's extraordinary holiday table. "

"Latkes are like the Jewish pizza," says Robin Baron of Udi's Foods in Denver. "You can have them all hundred different ways with a bunch of different accompaniments. "You can have them hot or cold, leftover, straight out of the fridge. It's always going to be delicious." Baron used brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and an apple-cranberry sauce topping to make her latkes perfect for Thanksgiving.

Daniel Asher, of Denver's Root Down and Linger restaurants, combined beets, squash, and jalapenos in a delicious mash-up latke. "This is a reimagined version of a latke; it's kind of a modernized Thanksgiving latke," Asher says. "I look at latkes as an incredible vehicle for many different ingredients and as a base for different global styles of food. You can use it as base for an hors d'oeuvre, put different toppings on it, or pair it with all kinds of foods."

Hosea Rosenberg of Denver's Blackbelly Catering gave us a tried-and-true recipe for butternut squash bisque from his Thanksgiving table. "I usually make if for Thanksgiving when I’m with my family as just a starter," he says. "You can garnish it with all sorts of things - fresh apple, pear, blue cheese, pecans, walnuts, almonds - it all works with the soup. It’s really versatile and fun."


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