Hickenlooper: Leave Fire Prevention Measures in Local Hands

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Governor John Hickenlooper says many Coloradans who live in fire-prone areas need to be doing more to prepare their homes to survive, but don't look for him to push new state policies to enforce those safety standards. That, he says, is the responsibility of local governments.

In our monthly conversation with the governor, host Ryan Warner talks with Hickenlooper about the lessons of yet another devastating fire season, as well as possible fallout from the recent resignation of the state's insurance commissioner. Colorado is at a critical juncture in the development of its health insurance exchange, a process the commissioner plays a big role in. We'll also hear about whether the state is putting enough money into its troubled parole division; Hickenlooper says no. And the governor has called for a "public conversation" on the death penalty. With a recent poll showing nearly 70% of Coloradans support the ultimate punishment, what is there left to talk about?

[Photo: Devastation in the Black Forest Fire burn zone. Credit: CPR's Megan Verlee]