How Changes To PERA Will Impact Public Workers, Retirees And Taxpayers

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Photo: 2018 Colorado Legislature Ends 2 - AP
A woman walks down the stairs in the rotunda of the Colorado State Capitol as lawmakers work on the final day of the session Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

They say a good compromise leaves everyone dissatisfied. That appears to be the case for the plan to stabilize the Public Employees’ Retirement Association, or PERA.

Lawmakers passed the plan in the final hours of the final day of the 2018 legislative session. It's already under fire from teachers' unions, who say it’s too harsh, and budget hawks, who say it doesn't go far enough.

Brian Eason covers the state government, including all things PERA, for the Associated Press. He was at the state Capitol late into the night Wednesday, May 9 as legislators cast their final votes. Eason stopped by Colorado Matters to discuss the impact on workers, retirees and taxpayers.