‘Hyperloop’ Supporters Envision 15-Minute Trip From Fort Collins To Pueblo

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Photo: hyperloop
An artist's rendering of a "hyperloop."

If you're lucky, you can drive from Fort Collins to Pueblo in about three hours. That's if there's no traffic jams -- or snowstorms. But what if the trip could be made in 15 minutes? That's the dream of those supporting what's called a "hyperloop." Passengers would be rocketed in capsules that travel inside tubes at speeds upward of 700 miles an hour.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk, of Tesla Motors and Space X, says the new technology could revolutionize travel. A former planning chief at the Colorado Department of Transportation is also a believer. Greg Henk has the unusual title of Hyper Master with a company called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. Henk spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.

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