Is Drinkable Sunscreen For Real?

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Photo: Sunbathers (AP Photo)
Sunbathers bask in the hot sun of Bryant Park in New York.

The idea of a sunscreen you can drink -- and avoid the hassle and mess of lathering up -- sounds intriguing. But the Iowa Attorney General isn't buying it.

The state of Iowa is suing Osmosis Skincare LLC, the Colorado-based maker of "Harmonized H2O UV Neutralizer."

The product comes in a bottle and looks like water. The state alleges the "drinkable sunscreen" is phony and dangerous for consumers.

The company's founder Ben Johnson says it's made by using radio waves to transform water into a sunscreen that protects against UV rays.

Caitlin Hendee recently wrote an article about the lawsuit for the Denver Business Journal. She spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.