ISIS’ Roots In Greeley, And One Scholar’s Influence On Today’s Radical Islamists

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Photo: Sayyid Qutb Islamic scholar
Sayyid Qutb near the end of his life.

A book called "Milestones" is essential reading for today's radical Islamic terrorists. It was written by an Egyptian scholar, Sayyid Qutb, who was executed 50 years ago and lived, for a brief time, in the northern Colorado city of Greeley.

John Calvert, a Creighton University professor of Middle East history who studies Jihadist movements around the world, wrote a biography of Qutb, and during his research, he found letters Qutb wrote about his time in Greeley. By many accounts, that time helped shape Qutb's anti-Americanism.

Details of Qutb's time in Greeley emerged after 9/11 -- including a story in 5280 Magazine -- and are still relevant today, given last week's attack at Ohio State University by a "soldier" of ISIS, and a new presidential administration that says it will take a new approach to try to defeat the terror group. Calvert spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about Qutb's life and influence on today's radical Islamist movement.