Less-Mess Ice Cream Cone Lands Denver Kids On Shark Tank

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Kid Ice Cream Innovators on Shark Tank
Oliver Greenwald and Sam Nassif present the Drip Drop to "Shark Tank" judges.

The fifth-graders, Oliver Greenwald and Sam Nassif, had entered an innovation contest at their school. Their assignment? Find a problem and identify a solution. The problem, the boys decided, was drippy ice cream cones. The solution they came up with was an edible rim that sits near the top of an ice cream cone and catches the drips.

Kid Ice Cream Innovators Testing
The Drip Drop is an edible ring that slides onto ice cream cones and catches melting ice cream.

The boys called their product the Drip Drop. They applied for and won patents for it. Tonight, they appear on ABC's reality show "Shark Tank" to pitch the Drip Drop to a panel of millionaire investors.

Kid Ice Cream Innovators Preschool Photo
Oliver Greenwald, left, and Sam Nassif have been friends since preschool.

Sam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.