Listeners make suggestions for Colorado’s water plan

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Photo: Lawn water sprinkler iStockThe audience flooded CPR with comments and questions in response to a recent Colorado Matters interview with James Eklund, head of the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the person leading the state's forthcoming water plan.

To continue the conversation, CPR posed some of those suggestions and questions to Eklund.

Listener Anne Spear in Lafayette, Colo., asked if the state can get homeowners' associations to stop requiring lawns in certain developments.

And listener Daniel Packman of Boulder pointed out that agriculture takes up the vast majority of water use in Colorado. He argues that conservation in cities will only be a drop in the bucket to solving Colorado's looming water crisis.

Listen to the interview with James Eklund and Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner above, and keep the dialogue going by writing in the comments section below or posting on the CPR News Facebook page.