Lori Poland Partners With Her Childhood Doctor To Launch Child Welfare Foundation

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Photo: Lori Poland Dick Krugman
Dick Krugman treated Lori Poland after she was rescued. They're still friends, and now they're launching a child welfare foundation together.

On a summer day 35 years ago a couple hiking outside Denver heard something unusual. A child screaming for help. They followed the sound to an outhouse, where at the bottom of a pit was a toddler. She was Lori Poland, who had been kidnapped three days earlier from her home in Sheridan by a man named Robert Paul Thiret.

Poland was rescued and spent a few days in the hospital where she met a pediatrician named Dick Krugman. They’re still friends today. Poland is now a licensed therapist at Denver Counseling Options and Krugman is the former dean of the CU Medical School. Together they’re launching a foundation called the National Foundation to End Child Abuse and Neglect to help children like Poland. The two talked to Colorado Matters about their bond and their work together